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1. PE警示护板接纳的PE质料生产,并添加了增韧增强耐老化等质料,使用寿命长,抗拉伸强度高柔韧性好,耐侵蚀抗攻击力高,在受到外力时能起到很好的掩护及警示作用。

1. The PE warning board is made of high-quality PE material and added with materials such as toughening and aging resistance. It has a long service life, high tensile strength, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, and high impact resistance. It can provide good protection and warning when subjected to external forces.

2. PE警示护板警示字体接纳耐高温酸碱质料,警示字体上覆有pp掩护膜,掩护警示字体不被破损,可有用起到警示作用,在不明地下情形施工挖掘时能有用的阻止不须要的破损和爆发意外爆炸的重大损失。

2. The warning font of the PE warning board is made of high-temperature resistant acid and alkali materials, and is covered with PP protective film to protect the warning font from damage. It can effectively serve as a warning and avoid unnecessary damage and significant losses caused by accidental explosions during excavation in unknown underground conditions.



2、 Comparison of the effects of PE warning protection board, ordinary warning tape, and cement board


1. Although ordinary warning tapes are low-cost, they do not have a significant effect on protecting underground pipelines. PE warning boards have a higher initial cost than ordinary warning tapes, but their actual use effect is significantly better than ordinary warning tapes.


2. At present, the management of construction waste in China is not standardized, and construction waste can be seen everywhere. When excavating in unknown underground conditions, it is easy to mix cement boards with construction waste and excavate them together, so it cannot effectively protect pipelines. Cement boards have a large volume and high weight, making transportation and construction inconvenient and low construction efficiency. PE warning boards are lightweight, easy to transport and construct. When excavating under unknown underground conditions, the first step is to pull out the PE warning shield, as the PE material has good tensile strength and should not break even if pulled out. Moreover, through the obvious warning language on the PE warning shield, it is easy to understand the buried situation of the underground pipeline, which can effectively protect the underground pipeline from damage. The cost of cement board is equivalent to that of PE warning board, but the construction cost is high, and the overall cost is higher than that of PE warning board.

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