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         Requirements and distance standards for setting water supply marker piles


  1、 Basic setup requirements

  给水管标记桩是指为了明确给水管线路的走向、位置、型号等信息而设置在管道或地面上的标记物 。在给水工程中,为了包管给水管网的治理和维护,需要凭证划定的要求设置标记桩,以利便日后的管道维修和治理 。

  The water supply pipe marker post refers to a marker set up on the pipeline or ground to clarify the direction, position, model, and other information of the water supply pipe line. In water supply engineering, in order to ensure the management and maintenance of the water supply network, it is necessary to set up marker stakes according to the prescribed requirements to facilitate future pipeline maintenance and management.


  2、 Distance standard

  1. 标记桩的设置距离应切合划定,在都会主干道和主要交织路口或有中央桥梁、隧道、立交等交通设施的地方,标记桩的设置间距不得凌驾50米;

  1. The distance for setting up marker stakes should comply with regulations. In urban main roads, important intersections, or places with intermediate bridges, tunnels, overpasses, and other transportation facilities, the distance between setting up marker stakes should not exceed 50 meters;

  2. 在都会次干道或者主次干道间距凌驾300米的路段或无交通设施的路段,标记桩的设置间距不得凌驾100米;

  2. In urban secondary roads, sections with a distance between main and secondary roads exceeding 300 meters, or sections without traffic facilities, the spacing between sign posts shall not exceed 100 meters;

  3. 在墟落和旅游区域,标记桩的设置间距不应凌驾200米 。

  3. In rural and tourist areas, the spacing between sign posts should not exceed 200 meters.



  3、 The height and identification of marker posts

  1. 标记桩的高度不得低于0.8米,不得高于1.5米;

  The height of the marker post shall not be less than 0.8 meters and shall not exceed 1.5 meters;

  2. 在标识上,应注明管道名称、类型、规格、埋深、敷设时间和施工单位等信息;

  On the identification, information such as pipeline name, type, specification, burial depth, laying time, and construction unit should be indicated;

  3. 标记桩的颜色凭证有关标准举行划定:一类管道为蓝色,二类管道为绿色,三类管道为黄色,四类管道为红色 。

  3. The color of the marker posts shall be specified in accordance with relevant national standards: Class I pipelines shall be blue, Class II pipelines shall be green, Class III pipelines shall be yellow, and Class IV pipelines shall be red.


  4、 Summary

  给水管标记桩的设置要求和距离标准是关于标记桩的设置的基本要求,也是关于日后治理和维护的主要包管 。在给水工程中,标记桩的设置要切合划定,标识要清晰明确,以便于日后的治理和使用 。

  The setting requirements and distance standards for water supply pipe marker piles are the basic requirements for the setting of marker piles, and also an important guarantee for future management and maintenance. In water supply engineering, the setting of marker piles should comply with regulations, and the markings should be clear and clear for future management and use.

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