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The scope of application of gas pipeline marker posts: cables, natural gas, water supply pipelines, oil pipelines, etc.


Characteristics of gas pipeline marking piles: impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.


Gas pipeline marker piles, also known as cable marker piles, pipeline marker piles, highway police boundary piles, gas marker piles, river warning piles, etc. Mainly made of plastic steel and fiberglass materials, gas pipeline marker piles can effectively provide safety protection and beautify the environment. It is widely used as an indicator and warning sign for geographical pipeline pathways in power, communication, gas, oil, tap water, and railways. Gas pipeline marker stakes are used to indicate the path of pipelines on both sides of busy markets, scenic areas, green belts, shrubs, and top pipes.



Product features of gas pipeline marker piles:


1. The gas pipeline marker post is a composite material made of fiberglass and its products as reinforcing materials, and synthetic resin as the matrix material. It is exquisitely formed by one-time extrusion molding.

2、燃气管道标记桩具有比重轻、抗侵蚀、耐老化、密封性能好,雅观,具有全天候防护功效,能够知足室外工程项目中种种卑劣情形和 场合的需要。

2. Gas pipeline marker piles have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good sealing performance, safety and aesthetics, and all-weather protection function, which can meet the needs of various harsh environments and places in outdoor engineering projects.


3. Gas pipeline marker stakes have excellent insulation materials, high-performance insulation resistance to prevent leakage, and can maintain good dielectric performance at high frequencies without reflection, blocking microwave propagation, rusting, and ensuring safe use.


4. The gas pipeline marker post has good corrosion resistance, which can resist water, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salt, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium potassium compounds, urine and asphalt. It is suitable for various acid-base soils. Rain proof products have good aging resistance.


The gas pipeline marker post should be placed directly above the centerline of the pipeline. At the starting point of the pipeline, roadside areas that do not affect traffic, green belts, ridges, embankments, and other open wasteland, avoid the impact on land use, agricultural machinery operations, and pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The gas pipeline marker post mainly indicates the accurate location along the pipeline and has directional indications. In straight sections of pipelines, a gas pipeline marker post should be buried every 70 meters. When there are trees, billboards, or other obstacles hindering installation, the spacing can be adjusted appropriately along the direction of the pipeline, and the adjusted spacing should not exceed 80m, provided that it is easy to preserve. Gas pipeline markers should be installed at the intersection of natural gas pipelines, water pipes, and PetroChina oil and gas pipelines. It should be set directly above the intersection.


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