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电缆警示带有哪些作用 ?

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  设置电缆警示带的作用主要是起到提醒作用 ,引起人们的注重 ,镌汰意外爆发  。

The main purpose of setting up cable warning tapes is to serve as reminders, attract people's attention, and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

  电缆警示带常用于施工地段、危险地段、交通事故、突发事务的隔离 ,以及电力磨练、路政、工程的遮栏  。它可以资助圈定事故现场或警示规范特殊区域 ,使用利便 ,不会污染现场情形  。

Cable warning tapes are commonly used for isolation in construction sites, hazardous areas, traffic accidents, and emergencies, as well as for fencing in power maintenance, road management, and environmental protection projects. It can help delineate accident sites or provide warning regulations for special areas, making it convenient to use and not polluting the on-site environment.


The color of cable warning tape also has different meanings:

  如红色体现榨取、阻止 ,危险等意思;蓝色体现指令 ,要求人们必需遵守的划定;


Red indicates prohibition, cessation, danger, etc; Blue represents instructions that require people to comply with regulations;

  黄色体现提醒人们的主意 ,通常忠言人们注重的器件、装备及情形应以黄色体现;

Yellow indicates a reminder to people, and any devices, devices, and environments that warn people to pay attention should be indicated in yellow;

  绿色体现给人们提供允许、的信息  。

Green represents providing people with permissible and safe information.

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