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The gas tracer line operates on the principle of electromagnetic wave induction. The reason is that during pipeline laying, the laying personnel bury a conductive metal wire that forms a certain angle with the gas pipeline. When there is electromagnetic wave interaction between the pipeline and the wire, a certain amount of grid current will be generated on the wire. At this time, a specific signal can be applied to the metal wire to determine the position of the pipeline by detecting the echo intensity and the signal. This working principle requires the use of some special equipment, such as tracers, directional sensors, etc., in order to accurately detect the position of gas pipelines.


In addition, when laying gas pipelines, some factors need to be considered, such as whether the material and pressure of the pipeline are normal, and whether the surrounding environment may cause damage to the pipeline.



Gas tracer lines are products designed specifically for locating and locating underground non-metallic pipelines. It effectively solves the problem that non-metallic pipelines cannot be detected by metal pipeline finder, and can be widely used for the search and positioning of underground non-metallic pipeline networks such as gas, water supply pipelines, and drainage pipelines.


Tracer line detection: After the pipeline is laid, a pipeline detector should be used to conduct a detectability test on the already laid traceable lines to ensure that the metal wires are properly connected, and the test results should be recorded. Connect the metal wire of the tracer line to the input end of the transmitter of the pipeline locator, and the grounding end of the transmitter should be as far away as possible from the transmitter. Use grounding stakes or poles to reduce grounding resistance. Use a receiver to detect and receive transmission signals. You can find the displacement and burial depth of the pipeline.

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