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1、 Common problems with buried cables


Underground cables, as one of the important infrastructure in cities, are widely used in fields such as electricity, communication, and natural gas. But with the continuous development of urban construction, underground cables also face a series of problems:

1. 施工损坏:由于未标明地下电缆安排情形,在施工历程中易被损坏,同时也增添了施工本钱;

1. Construction damage: Due to the lack of indication of underground cable layout, it is easy to be damaged during the construction process and also increases construction costs;

2. 误伤职员:未设立电缆警示标记易造成职员被误伤的情形;

2. Accidental injury to personnel: Failure to set up cable warning signs can easily lead to accidental injury to personnel;

3. 维护难题:地下电缆被安顿在深埋地下,一旦爆发故障,排查和维护均需要大宗时间和人力。

3. Maintenance difficulties: Underground cables are placed deep underground, and once a fault occurs, troubleshooting and maintenance require a lot of time and manpower.



2、 National standard specification for warning piles for buried cables

地埋电缆警示桩是地下电缆敷设历程中必不可少的设施之一。为了提高地下电缆的;に,标准制订了《地埋电缆警示标记及其应用》(GB/T 50313-2018)标准。

Underground cable warning piles are one of the essential facilities in the process of underground cable laying. In order to improve the safety protection level of underground cables, the Chinese national standard has formulated the "Underground Cable Warning Signs and Their Applications" (GB/T 50313-2018) standard.


This national standard specifies the requirements, design, construction, and management of warning signs for buried cables, including:

1. 地埋电缆警示标记是将警示信息标识在地上的设施,标记的形式可以接纳砖墩、柱子、标记牌等形式;

1. Underground cable warning signs are facilities that mark warning information on the ground, and the form of the signs can be brick piers, columns, signs, etc;

2. 设计要求:警示标记应与地下电缆笔直设置,标记文字与标准色应切合标准;

2. Design requirements: Warning signs should be set vertically with underground cables, and the text and standard color of the signs should comply with national standards;

3. 施工要求:地埋电缆警示标记施工前,需要举行现场勘探、情形影响剖析等,施工后应举行验收及一样平常维护;

3. Construction requirements: Before the construction of warning signs for buried cables, on-site survey and environmental impact analysis are required. After construction, acceptance and daily maintenance should be carried out;

4. 治理要求:设置地埋电缆警示标记的单位,需要举行按期巡查、检查,实时发明和处置惩罚问题。

4. Management requirements: Units that set warning signs for buried cables need to conduct regular inspections and inspections to promptly identify and address issues.


3、 Method of implementing warning piles for buried cables

1. 现场勘探:关于地下电缆的敷设走向和现场情形等举行勘探,确定地埋电缆警示标记的数目和位置;

1. On site survey: Conduct a survey of the laying direction and on-site conditions of underground cables, and determine the number and location of warning signs for buried cables;

2. 设计标记计划:制订切合标准,并顺应现场现实的电缆警示标记计划,如图案、颜色、高度等;

2. Design sign scheme: Develop a cable warning sign scheme that complies with national standards and adapts to the actual site conditions, such as patterns, colors, heights, etc;

3. 施工建设:选择切合品质要求的警示标记质料,凭证标准施工排布电缆警示标记;

3. Construction: Select warning sign materials that meet quality requirements, and arrange cable warning signs according to the standard construction layout;

4. 养护维修:按期对电缆警示标记举行巡查、洗濯、养护和维修等事情,确保其功效正常。

4. Maintenance and repair: Regularly inspect, clean, maintain and repair cable warning signs to ensure their normal function.


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