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The pipeline warning tape identification tape has the characteristics of low cost, light weight, strong flexibility, corrosion resistance, long service life, and convenient construction. It can accurately detect the laying position and layout direction of various buried pipelines underground without excavating the target roadbed before construction. The pipeline warning tape is widely applicable to various underground pipelines such as gas, electricity, telecommunications cables, water pipes, etc. And it effectively prevents damage during excavation of already laid pipelines and unnecessary casualties or economic losses caused by blind and inconvenient installation of new pipelines, which has good practical value.



Warning tape, also known as marking tape, is widely used in various directly buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage and other gas and liquid pipeline transportation systems, power cables, communication optical cables, and other fifth category transportation systems and information transmission systems related to national economy and people's livelihood. It is particularly suitable for the protection of complex urban pipeline construction sites, road construction sites, traffic accident sites, building construction sites, and directly buried pipelines in the field. It has a clear protective warning effect. It is easy to construct, and construction and burying pipes are carried out simultaneously. It is buried between underground and pipelines, and laid 30-50cm above the pipeline, playing a warning sign role to prevent unnecessary damage to the pipeline during excavation and construction in the future, which can cause major accidents and avoid unnecessary damage to the pipeline. Due to accidental damage causing huge property and economic losses, it is an economically effective and simple tool for the safety protection of various buried pipelines and cables.


Features of safety warning tape products:

1. 警示带设计细腻,使用无邪,随意伸缩,随意间距,和支解形状,无限毗连等特点。

1. The safety warning belt is exquisitely designed, flexible to use, freely extendable, with arbitrary spacing, and features such as segmented shapes and unlimited connections.


2. Warning tape, also known as safety warning tape, warning line, warning tape, safety warning rope, warning tape, can be divided into box type warning tape and roll type warning tape from the appearance, polyester warning tape and PE warning tape according to the material, and reflective warning tape, fluorescent warning tape, detectable warning tape, etc. according to their different functions.


3. Safety warning tapes are generally suitable for construction sites, dangerous areas, and traffic accident sites, providing isolation for emergencies. And barriers for power maintenance, construction in transportation areas, and environmental protection projects. It can be used to delineate accident sites or to provide warning regulations for special areas. The guardrail strip is convenient to use, can be reused, and can be easily carried after use without polluting the on-site environment.


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