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The natural gas buried pipeline marker pile is a marker pile buried along the natural gas high-pressure pipeline, mainly made of fiberglass, fiberglass, and composite materials, painted with yellow markings. To serve as a warning, it is marked with "gas pipeline, gas telephone, pipeline pile number, pipeline direction, and electronic inspection information button", which facilitates the patrol and repair personnel to quickly locate the pipeline position and win the repair opportunity.

玻璃钢标记桩是由很强玻璃纤维丝与专用树脂经由一次性拉挤或者模压成型的一种警示标记产品。其组成部分分为桩体、顶盖、印刷字体标记桩形状:有方形、三角形、圆形。标记桩一样平常常用规格有100*100mm,120*120mm,150*150mm标记桩厚度:3mm、3.5mm、4mm、4.5mm、5mm、6mm等 标记桩高度:常用高度有80cm、100cm、120cm、140cm、150cm等高度恣意截。 以上规格均可凭证客户的要求举行定制生产,完全知足客户的种种需要。 标记桩桩体颜色由生产时一次着色成型, 掉色,主要颜色有蓝色、白色,其他颜色可定制。

Fiberglass marker post is a warning sign product made of strong fiberglass wire and specialized resin that has been one-time extruded or molded. Its components are divided into pile body, top cover, and printed font. The shape of the pile can be square, triangular, or circular. The commonly used specifications for marker piles are 100 * 100mm, 120 * 120mm, 150 * 150mm. The thickness of marker piles is 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc. The height of marker piles is generally 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 150cm, and other heights can be cut arbitrarily. The above specifications can be customized and produced according to customer requirements, fully meeting their various needs. The color of the marker pile body is formed by one-time coloring during production, with fading. The main colors are blue and white, and other colors can be customized.

燃气标记桩桩体字体工艺分为丝印和镌刻两种,客户可以选择。字体内容一样平常为联系电话、业主单位、公司LOGO、警示用语组成,可以凭证客户的要求举行印刷。 润飞玻璃钢生产玻璃钢标记桩、塑钢标记桩、

The font technology for gas marker pile body can be divided into two types: silk screen printing and carving, and customers can choose. The font content generally consists of contact phone number, owner's unit, company logo, and warning language, which can be printed according to customer requirements& Nbsp; Runfei Fiberglass specializes in producing fiberglass marker piles, plastic steel marker piles


Features of warning posts and signs along railway lines:


Fiberglass natural gas pipeline marking piles, warning piles, and natural gas pipeline marking piles have high strength. The product is made of a new type of unsaturated resin material, which is compressed at high temperature.


Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) signs for buried natural gas and gas pipelines, warning piles along railway lines, warning signs for impact resistance and wear resistance


High temperature resistance


Corrosion resistant, therefore the service life can reach up to 30 years.

玻璃钢自然气、燃气埋地管线标记桩警示桩 铁道沿线警示桩警示牌外表雅观,产品可制成种种颜色,字体图案清晰,警示性显着并可以美化都会情形。

Fiberglass natural gas and gas buried pipeline marking and warning piles; The appearance of warning signs along railway lines is beautiful, and the products can be made into various colors with clear font and pattern. The warning effect is obvious and can beautify the urban environment.


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