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警示带敷设前应对敷设面压实 ,然后将其平整的敷设在管道的正上方 ,距管顶的距离宜为0.3~0.5米 ,但不得埋入路基和路面里。

Before laying the warning tape, the laying surface should be compacted, and then it should be laid flat directly above the pipeline. The distance from the top of the pipeline should be 0.3-0.5 meters, but it should not be buried in the roadbed and road surface.


The content of the warning tape must include: the name of the equipment ownership unit, danger signs, warning language, contact phone number, and design pressure level.


Tracer line

聚乙烯燃气管道敷设时 ,应在管顶同时随管道走向敷设示踪线。示踪线宜接纳2×2.5mm2 双线单芯铜线 ,外有绝缘优异的;げ。示踪线应有用毗连 ,在铜线讨论处宜接纳双线纠葛锡焊工艺 ,包管导电性能。外绝缘处用胶带包扎 ,并用热缩短套封固 ,封固肠肚必需大于胶带包扎端20mm.沿聚乙烯燃气管道走向每隔2km应设信号源井。检查井等设施可作为信号源井。信号源井内又信号讨论 ,用于接驳示踪线的测试外接信号。 电子标识器  燃气管道宜设置电子标识器。电子标识器内存可包括管道权属单位名称、管道口径、装置或维修日期、压力级制、 施工单位名称、电子标识器与管道的相对位置等。

When laying polyethylene gas pipelines, tracer lines should be laid at the top of the pipeline along with the direction of the pipeline. The tracer line should use 2 × 2.5mm2 double wire single core copper wire with a well insulated protective layer on the outside. The tracer wire should be effectively connected, and the double wire winding soldering process should be used at the copper wire joint to ensure conductivity. Wrap the external insulation with tape and seal it with a heat shrink sleeve. The sealing end must be 20mm larger than the tape wrapping end. Signal source wells should be installed every 2km along the direction of the polyethylene gas pipeline. Inspection wells and other facilities can serve as signal source wells. There is a signal connector inside the signal source well, which is used to connect external signals for testing tracer lines. Electronic markers should be installed on gas pipelines. The memory of the electronic identifier can include the name of the pipeline ownership unit, pipeline diameter, installation or maintenance date, pressure rating system, name of the construction unit, and the relative position of the electronic identifier with the pipeline.


Electronic markers should be installed in the following locations:


Valves, water wells, sacrificial anodes, and other pipeline ancillary facilities.


At pipe bends, tees, and tees.


Other important positions that need to be marked.

无上述装置点的地下燃气管道的直线段电子标识器埋设间距应为100米。  维护治理


The buried spacing of electronic markers for straight sections of underground gas pipelines without the above installation points should be 100 meters. maintenance management


The identification should be classified, numbered, and registered in the file.


The identification of newly constructed pipelines and facilities should be designed, constructed, inspected, and delivered for use simultaneously with the main project.

已建管道、设施及情形爆发转变时 ,应实时增减或变换标识。

When there are changes in the existing pipelines, facilities, and environment, the identification should be promptly added, removed, or changed.

标识权属单位应按管道巡检周期同步巡查 ,包管标识完好。标识丧失、损坏时 ,应实时处置惩罚。

The identification ownership unit should conduct synchronous inspections according to the pipeline inspection cycle to ensure that the identification is intact. When the identification is lost or damaged, it should be disposed of in a timely manner.


The identification content should be clear. It is recommended to paint once every two years.


This regulation uses this explanation

为便于在执行本规程条文时区别看待 ,对要求严酷水平差别的用此说明如下:

In order to facilitate differential treatment when implementing the provisions of this regulation, this explanation is used for those with different levels of strictness:

⑴  体现很严酷 ,非这样做不可的用词: 正面词接纳“必需” 背面词接纳“严禁”。

(1) Words that indicate strictness and must not be used: positive words use "must" and negative words use "strictly prohibited".

⑵  体现严酷 ,在正常情形下均这样做的用词:正面词接纳“应”背面词接纳“不应或“不得”

(2) Words that indicate strictness and should be used under normal circumstances: positive words use "should", negative words use "should not" or "should not"

⑶  体现允许稍有选择 ,在条件允许时应这样做的用词:正面词接纳“宜”或“一样平常”背面词接纳“不宜”。体现有选择 ,在一定条件下可以这样做的 ,接纳“可”。

(3) Words that allow for slight choices should be used first when conditions permit: positive words should be "appropriate" or "general", while negative words should be "inappropriate". It indicates that there is a choice and can be done under certain conditions, using "may".

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