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在都会戮于,人行道,修建物之间的隔离,使行驶的无邪车辆起到警示作用,一旦撞上也不会造成第二次危险 。白天红白、红黄颜色醒目显着,晚上的晶格套能反射出耀眼的光线,提醒驾驶员注重 。

The isolation between urban intersections, sidewalks, and buildings serves as a warning for moving motor vehicles, and once collided, it will not cause a second injury. During the day, the red, white, and red yellow colors are eye-catching, and at night, the lattice cover can reflect a dazzling light, reminding the driver to pay attention.


Installation position of reflective elastic warning post:

一样平常用于蹊径的隔离、物业小区的隔离防护、停车位的分类排列、市政施工、公共运动的隔离防护、高速公路路收费口、都会蹊径路口,人行道口、暂时性支解蹊径、支抒难险或榨取区域、用于交通栏杆的两头,可与一次性警戒带、警示链条、警示连杆等配合使用 。


It is generally used for road isolation, property community isolation and protection, classification and arrangement of parking spaces, municipal construction, public activity isolation and protection, toll gates on highways, urban road intersections, pedestrian crossings, temporary road segmentation, dangerous or prohibited area segmentation, and both ends of traffic railings. It can be used in conjunction with disposable warning tapes, warning chains, warning links, etc.


Installation method for reflective elastic warning posts:

装置较量利便,通常接纳标准块状恣意组合方法和的“内膨胀锚固手艺”, 底部用钢钉或螺丝牢靠,装置牢靠,稳固可靠,车辆撞击时不会松动 。

Installation is relatively convenient, usually using standard block shaped arbitrary combination and advanced "internal expansion anchoring technology". The bottom is fixed with steel nails or screws, which is firmly installed, stable and reliable, and will not loosen during vehicle impact.


Characteristics of reflective elastic warning posts:

弹力柱的下底盘用钉装置牢靠地面,底盘内装置弹力绳,整体反光,此弹力柱(诱导柱)在受到碰压、撞倒后,柱子自动回弹恢回复状,起到一种不倒翁的效果,这样大可镌汰对车其自己的碰撞的损坏 。此产品多做出口,量高等型!抗压、抗撞、抗摔反光弹力柱,产品名目新颖,特有的倾复功效可以;げ返氖视眉俺盗咀不骱蟛凰鸹党盗,独吞的环型顶部使之移动利便能与种种反光杆及塑料警示链条配套使用,能起到防护及隔离的作用 。

The lower chassis of the elastic column is fixed to the ground with nails, and an elastic rope is installed inside the chassis, which is fully reflective. After being hit or knocked down, this elastic column (induction column) automatically rebounds and returns to its original state, playing a rolling effect, which can greatly reduce damage to the vehicle itself in collisions. This product is mostly exported, with high-quality and high-end models! Compression resistant, collision resistant, and anti drop reflective elastic columns, with a novel product style and unique tilting function, can protect the product from being used together and not damaging the vehicle after impact. The unique circular top makes it easy to move and can be used in conjunction with various reflective rods and plastic warning chains, providing protection and isolation.

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