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The underground gas pipeline tracer line refers to a special wire buried at a certain depth above the underground gas pipeline, which can be detected by detection instruments and plays a role in identifying the position and direction of the gas pipeline.


As a safety measure, buried gas pipeline tracing line can help gas companies and construction parties quickly and accurately determine the position and direction of gas pipelines, avoid unintentional damage to gas pipelines, and also facilitate the maintenance and renovation of gas pipelines.


The tracer line for buried gas pipelines can be divided into several types based on the material, such as aluminum strip, steel strip, copper wire, etc. Aluminum strip is currently a widely used tracer line, which has advantages such as good conductivity, long service life, and low price, and is favored by a large number of users.



The construction site should be at a buried depth of 0.5-0.8 meters in the gas pipeline, and the tracing line should be fixed tightly against the gas pipeline. The aluminum strip tracing line should be connected by joints, and the joints should be wrapped in protective pipes and treated with anti-corrosion coatings to prevent rusting of the joints and breakage of the tracing line.


With the continuous development and renovation of cities, underground pipelines have also increased, including a large number of gas pipelines. When carrying out underground gas pipeline construction and renovation projects, it is necessary to use buried gas pipeline tracing lines for identification to avoid damage to the gas pipeline due to improper operation or construction errors, which may cause safety hazards to personnel and roads and cause unnecessary losses.


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