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自然气高压管线警示桩作为自然气管道的主要设施具有主要的提醒和警示作用 。却因种种人为搬移、私自拆除导致自然气高压管线标记桩丧失35根,给全市供气带来了的隐患 。市燃气集团提醒市民,一定要;ず萌凶匀黄哐构芟呱系谋昙亲妥匀黄哐构芟卟皇芩鸷,确保全市供气 。

The natural gas high-pressure pipeline warning pile, as an important facility of natural gas pipelines, plays an important role in providing reminders and warnings. However, due to various human movements and unauthorized dismantling, 35 natural gas high-pressure pipeline markers were lost, posing a safety hazard to the city's safe gas supply. The Municipal Gas Group reminds citizens to protect the signposts and high-pressure natural gas pipelines in the city from damage, ensuring the safety of gas supply throughout the city.


Introduction to basic parameters of marker piles:

1、标记桩质料:是使用玻璃钢型材精制而成的 。

1. Sign pile material: It is refined from fiberglass profiles.

2、标记桩产品外貌文字用特种丝印及凹型处置惩罚,一次着色固化成型 。

2. The surface text of the marker post product is processed with special silk screen printing and concave treatment, and is colored and solidified in one go.

3、标记桩颜色艳丽、、强度好,使用寿命可达30年以上 。


3. The marker post has bright colors, good strength, and a service life of over 30 years.

4、标记桩真正免维护,差别于水泥、石头等质料需要准时每年去上油漆、喷字,省却维护工时用度,标记桩外貌文字基础坚硬,耐磨长期 。也可按用户单位提供的桩号,里程数,路径偏向指示箭头,维护电话等信息资料逐个定做 。

4. Sign stakes are truly maintenance free, unlike materials such as cement and stone that require regular annual painting and lettering, saving maintenance labor costs. The surface text foundation of sign stakes is hard and durable. It can also be customized one by one according to the information provided by the user unit, such as the station number, mileage, path direction indicator arrow, and maintenance phone number.

5、标记桩装置要领:挖掘所埋深度坑,前后左右十字交织穿入两根25CM钢筋,水泥石子牢靠即可 。圆形路面砖接纳圆形开孔器按所需巨细管道穿越路面打孔,下部用水泥浓浆牢靠,上口与路面齐平即可 。

5. Installation method for marker piles: excavate the buried depth pit, cross two 25CM steel bars in front, back, left, and right, and fix them with cement stones. The circular pavement brick adopts a circular hole opener to drill holes through the road surface according to the required size of the pipeline. The lower part is fixed with cement slurry, and the upper mouth is flush with the road surface.

6、标记桩工程给甲方单位提升企业标准化治理新形象,标记桩详细尺寸可按要求定制 。

6. The marker pile project enhances the standardized management image of the enterprise for Party A, and the specific size of the marker pile can be customized according to requirements.


7. Technical data related to marker posts:


1. Tensile strength ≥ 160MPa


2. Bending strength ≥ 190MPa


3. Bending strength after immersion ≥ 150MPa


4. Babbitt hardness ≥ 38


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